Code Check Southeast 2013  

A GAHI Conference

(based on 2012 Residential Code)

   February 7th, 8th and 9th 2013 * * SPECIAL PRICING NOW AVAILABLE ** $299 ** Thanks to our sponsors: Aquaguard Basement Systems, Monroe Infrared, Cutliff Radon Services, and Atlanta Re-Roof

Thanks to our sponsors:

Aquaguard Basement Systems

Monroe Infrared

Cutliff Radon Services

Atlanta Re-Roof









Whenever I get a chance to attend a Douglas Hansen seminar, I don't miss it. Without fail, I come away with valuable information and insights that make me a better home inspector.“

- Paul Barraza, ACI

"Douglas Hansen is a walking code encyclopedia.  He knows what the codes say, the reasons for particular requirements, and the recent code changes.  He also keeps the material interesting (not always easy with code seminars) with humor and examples of real-life installations and failures."

Thor Matteson, Structural Engineer & author of "Wood-Framed Shear Wall Construction--an Illustrated Guide"

The new 7th edition CodeCheck© Comprehensive FlipChart and other CodeCheck© materials will be available for purchase at this conference.